What does a Missional Church look like?

January 31, 2011

5 Characteristics of a missional church

Through our identity series, we discussed the FBCER’s core values.  In week 5 we addressed ‘Missional Living’, and why we feel that that it is such a big part of our calling as a church.  In the following message on Sunday night, we gave some description of what a missional church looks like.  Here are 5 of them(these were pulled from a variety of sources).

A missional church focuses:

  • Not only how many people attend it’s services, but how many people it serves.
  • Not only how many people attend our ministries, but how many we have equipped for ministry.
  • Not only how many minister inside the church, but how many minister outside the church.
  • Not only how we are connecting to our culture, but how are we engaging it.
  • Not only how we immerse ourelves in Biblical teaching, but how we live it out.

If these are characteristics of being missional, are you?  Is FBCER? I pray that we would constantly be mission for Christ.

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