Grow in a Small Group

Following Jesus was never meant to be done alone. God has designed us not only to need him but also to need other believers. The Bible is full of many “one another’s” that implore us to care for, encourage and challenge other believers. We don’t believe these “one another’s” can be done properly outside the context of a small group.

At FBCER we have designed our small groups to be a place for people to be in Biblical community, be changed by God’s Word and care for one another.

Most of our small groups meet on campus on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings but we do have some that meet offsite during the week. We have a wide variety of small groups. Some are coed, others are gender specific. Some are multi-generational, others are more season-of-life focused. Some use sermon based discussion curriculum, others use a different Bible based curriculum. We believe that there will be a group that you can belong to. Check out complete of groups by clicking the link below.

2020-2021 Small Group Opportunities