We believe that as followers of Christ we have the privilege and responsibility to give to God’s church and help fund it’s mission. At FBCER, we strive to be generous givers that go above and beyond the giving of the the tithe (10%). Because every person is unique, we have several different ways for people to give.

Ways to Give
  1. On Location. During our worship services we will have an opportunity for people to give to God. You can give with cash or check with this type of giving.
  2. Online. Giving online is a simple and convenient way for people to give from wherever they are. With online giving you can use a debit card, check card or electronic check.  For more information about online giving, go here.
  3. Via Text.  Our newest way to give is a very simple and fast way to give. You can simply text the keyword “FBCERGIVE” plus the amount you want to give to 73256 and within seconds your giving is done. For more information about text giving, go here.
  4. By Mail. Simply mail your donation to FBCER at PO Box 218, El Reno, OK 73036
  5. Drive-Thru Giving Hour. During our Covid-19 time of limited movement we will have staff available on Mondays from 10am-11am at the east covered entranced to receive giving donations.
Giving Opportunities
  1. Tithes & Offering. Our tithes and offerings go to support our general budget and helps us advance the gospel in El Reno and to the ends of the earth.
  2. Building Fund. Gifts given here help us continue to advance God’s kingdom by allowing us pay off the debt incurred on our building.
  3. Local Mission Fund. Gifts given here will go to help local mission projects in our community such as our weekly snack ministry, Shoes for School kids, etc.
  4. Generous Giving Opportunities. Throughout the year we will have several different opportunities for people to give above and beyond what they normally do. Click here to see our current generous giving opportunities.